Sunday, September 13, 2009

The New Bumper Sticker Slogan: You Lie!

If you're reading this, then by now you've probably (1) seen or (2) heard about Joe Wilson's, Republican from South Carolina, "You lie!" outburst in the middle of President Obama's speech on Tuesday night.

If I'm just now catching you up, I suggest reading Maureen Dowd's column, Boy, Oh, Boy, where Dowd wondered whether the congressman really meant to shout, "You lie, boy!" from the right-winged bench. (From this you can probably gather where some of my political views ally themselves. Hint: I lean to the left. However, please take the time to read a few impartial articles, like Kate Phillips' article.)

And while I could discuss the blatant disrespect and downright stupidity on Mr. Wilson's part, I choose to let him do all the talking:

So, what do you make of calling a president, who wasn't lying, in fact a liar? What do you make of his reasoning behind his actions? And lastly, how do you feel about the new Wilson-inspired slogan, "You lie!" on bumper stickers and T-shirts? A little too catchy?

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