Friday, September 18, 2009

Cissi's Market: My New Neighborhood Destination

Yesterday, I roamed over to the heart of the SoCo District and stopped by the Austin Under 40 (AU40) Kick-off Happy Hour at Cissi's Market. Despite that fact that the social hour wasn't anything memorable (or at least wasn't my cup of tea), it was well worth the time at Cissi's.

Cissi's Market, advertised as "a neighborhood destination," is in fact an all-in-one wine bar, deli, cafe and grocery. [Sidenote: I'm moving into the neighborhood in a week, and I'm ecstatic over it!] Considering it's slightly pricey for a college student like myself, I make sure to make my pennies count. So I aim straight to the deli, where Cissi's sandwiches are no ordinary sandwiches.

At Cissi's (pronounced Sissy's), my usual is THE BAT sandwich, a rendition of the BLT. The BAT--cured bacon, arugula, and tomato—is grilled pressed to the perfect crunch. All for $8.50. Delish. You can have it to-go or for dinner, and during the summer it's always nice to pair this light meal with a glass of wine. And with their five-page wine bar menu (a menu longer than their lunch and dinner menus), you are sure to find a glass (or bottle) that suits your taste buds!

So even thought the AU40 event wasn't my cup of tea, Cissi's glass of wine made up for it quickly.


  1. Oh man that sounds so good... However I must say I'm a little sad that the BAT doesn't stand for Bacon, AVOCADO, Tomato. That would be... scrumtrulescent.

  2. You're so right! But you can make it a BAAT for another dollar. Bacon, arugula, avacado, and tomato. Mmmm.

    I'm going for one now! Or rather when they open.