Monday, September 21, 2009

Austin's Music(?) Café

After the movie (see previous blog), my friend and I headed to Music Café on South Lamar (right across from Olivia—my favorite restaurant). I've been here a few times before and the great atmosphere is what keeps bringing me back. With trendy black couches, round, french tables and a soft lit patio, this wine and coffee bar is the perfect place for a drink after dinner or a coffee while studying—offering from my favorite teas (Mighty Leaf) to their great house wine... Not too wet, not too dry. Just right.

However, like anything great, the café has its drawbacks. For the cheese-hostile person (a.k.a. lactose intolerant) such as myself, there is absolutely nothing to order for food but chips. For you, I recommend having dinner or lunch before camping out and making ground here.

Sadly, another drawback is their low-quality sheesha (both the water pipe and tobacco). And having traveled the Middle East for approximately two months, I can confidently say I know what a good sheesha (argila, hookah, water pipe, etc.) is. These sheeshas aren't smooth, flavorful, relaxing sheeshas.

So, I know what you're thinking... where's the music in this? Good question. I have no idea! I've been there about five times now, and there is never live music there. I must be choosing odd nights to go. And while they do have a lineup about every other day, I feel the café has yet to earn the word "music" in their title. This is a quick fix. If you absolutely must hear music, check the lineup beforehand.

Albeit, it pains me to mention the ugly because I really enjoy coming back to this Eden like environment, sitting under trees with grapes hanging on every entrance. And they have a friendly staff. And really, I just want to like the place. Ultimately and unfortunately, their food selection is limited and their sheeshas, mediocre. But for the cheese-lover and non-sheesha-smoker, this is a place made in heaven (Austin).

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  1. I just recently noticed this place and was intrigued by 1. the word "music" in the name, 2. the fact that it's a coffee and wine bar, and 3. the cute outside area. I've never been, but I want to. But every time I drive by, it always looks dead. Maybe all the people are inside, I don't know. But I'm glad you reviewed this place because I've been wanting to go but haven't had any idea of whether it's good or not.